Marketing in today’s climate

The last few weeks have been very different to normal here are a couple of observations around marketing in these times.

  1. Be transparent and genuine. This is the big one, our audience is stressed and concerned, they will be less tolerant of sales pitches and their bullshit detectors will be set to high, did I mention they will be stressed.  Make sure your messages are clear, honest and personable and true to your brand. If being steady and reliable are key brand traits, then ensure these come through in all your messaging.

“There are already brands that have been accused of profiteering and endangering the public by wanting to stay open or seeming to manoeuvre within the guidelines.  Amazon has apparently removed a vast amount of products of their site because they felt they were leveraging of consumer fear and uncertainty. Taking of my marketing hat – I do not want to support these brands after this is all over”.


  1. Be helpful and tangible. Send them stuff that is useful about continuity of supply, new ways of ordering etc…Less on ‘we are all in this together’ – no sh*t Sherlock. Instead of copying and pasting the latest but very lengthy advice on the virus, just insert links. And don’t re share stuff that has been floating around unless you think it will be of real benefit to your customer base.
  2. Don’t overdo the comms. Choose when you need to send an update to your database. Too many contact points in these times could mean a higher unsubscribe rate. Remember your not the only message in their inbox.
  3. Retention is your goal. Now is not the time to sell more unless you are a vital provider. Focus on keeping your loyal customers informed. Don’t just tell them what you and your team are busily doing to navigate these ever-changing times… but offer something of value that can help them right now. Q&A’s about your business at this point in time helpful, schedules contacts details operating hours etc.
  4. Digital, digital and digital…review your existing online communication. Make sure anything you have pre-planned digitally is still relevant and aligned. Otherwise kill it!

Stats are suggesting online usage is skyrocketing – you have a good channel to build, awareness and longer-term engagement now is the time to make sure your digital footprint is in good shape. BUT remain genuine!

Your customers are already on social media, but these days much more frequently.  Positive and proactive content will help take people’s minds off the panic. Consider increasing your posting frequency to ensure you’re showing up in news feeds. Start to experiment now so you create and maintain a strong digital awareness, but monitor analytics  to check if you have gauged the tone of your messages correctly.

“Above all be genuine, know you are building an impression of your brand beyond the next few months. Just like people brands needs to step up in a crisis and show who they really are”.