We believe in targeted strategy


A targeted strategy comes first, then we pull the marketing trigger Ensuring clients get a return on their marketing dollar.

As experienced marketers, we develop and implement strategies that…

  • Have business alignment, creating strategy that is matched with your business capabilities and capacity
  • Are in line with your goals, budget and timeframe
  • Identify marketing priorities that deliver the most benefit to the organisation
  • Are based upon a solid foundation of research and market review
  • Enable actionable marketing strategies and plans
  • Include marketing metrics to evaluate performance
  • Win against your competition

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Who do we work with?

We work with Boards and CEO’s as advisory or strategic contributors; marketing management teams and brand builders from start-up to mature national and international companies.

What do we deliver?

@consult will work at strategy level down to a specific campaign, based on the requirements of the organisation and need of the client. From complex marketing strategy to tactical campaigns to increase sales and generate leads. Branding, re branding and channel tactics (like Social Media, Web strategy and Advertising) @consult will work at every level.

Why marketing strategy first?

The fundamental mistake a business can make is to commence marketing activity without developing a marketing strategy. The result is wasted advertising spend, confusing creative concepts missing the target audience and a lack of alignment to the business model.

Successful organisations put strategy first, supported by good planning and delivered through the right channels to reach your customer we deliver;

  • Marketing Strategy that is aligned to your business plan
  • Positioning that will define your brand and guide how to articulate it to your audience
  • Core messages that differentiate your products or services

Our Approach:

Positioning Statement

Positioning Statement
Ensure your marketing fits in with your business plan, growth strategy and goals

Core Messages

Core Messages
How we say it, different marketing channels and tactics

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy
How we go to market, our target audiences, budgets target and which channel strategies

Marketing Activity Plan

Marketing Activity Plan
The plan. 6-12 months of activity


Making it happen either in-house or supported by @consult


  • Quality Leads
  • More of the right customers
  • Better use of marketing spend
  • Improved return on investment
  • Market Share
  • Brand Awareness


  • Marketing Strategy – building the plan
  • Marketing plan – the next 6 -12 months or further
  • Branding – developing new brands and launch strategy
  • New Product launches
  • Consumer research creating that priceless insight
  • Concept evaluation and product testing and market feasibility
  • Board advisory capacity and facilitation
  • Channel Tactics including;
    • Online Marketing (Website content planning and SEO and SEM strategy)
    • Social Media (Building fans, generating leads)
    • Direct Marketing
    • Print & Press
    • Business to Business
    • Radio & Television


Industry Sectors

  • Government
  • Professional Services
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Not for Profit
  • Technology
  • Membership Organisations


Its not about size, its about the willingness to grow and win. If you are ready, so are we.

Who’s involved and who we’ve worked with


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