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Marketing Trends For 2020

Here are some of the top marketing trends for 2020 that we have observed from the marketing trenches. Content Marketing “Content is king” continues to be true. High-quality content allows you to show your expertise and communicate with your customers from a place of authority. Your content is also what search engines provide to searchers … Continued

Marketing in today’s climate

The last few weeks have been very different to normal here are a couple of observations around marketing in these times. Be transparent and genuine. This is the big one, our audience is stressed and concerned, they will be less tolerant of sales pitches and their bullshit detectors will be set to high, did I … Continued

Millennials Vs Gen Z’rs who are these people?

Millennials are, smashed avocado with balsamic reduction eating, forever renting, debt machines that won’t move out of the house. Apparently though, the oldest Millennial according to some statistics agencies turned 37 this year. Millennials have grown up and are getting old. So, the new kids on the block (A millennial reference by the way) are … Continued

Free Social Media Analysis

Social media is full of numbers, but most of the time we don’t use them in any actionable way. The reason is simple: Social metrics are often too complicated to understand, and they provide few clues on how we can improve our success. The reality is that the return on social media marketing can vary … Continued

Why Advertising Fails

Every CEO, business owner and manager has a view on advertising and its effectiveness. The reality is advertising is only one component of the Marketing plan along with other channel strategies and the overall strategy of your organisation’s brand.  Expecting advertising to fix all of your customer acquisition and sales objectives is like trying to … Continued

What the Technology Geeks can Teach us about Marketing

Too many businesses are ill-equipped to handle change. The problem is not the people in the organization—it’s the process. Many organizations are too rigid and their approach is too focused on the long term to swiftly take advantage of marketplace opportunities. Teams then have only one shot to “get it right.” And if they fail, … Continued

Using LinkedIn

Social media network LinkedIn celebrated its tenth anniversary this year and has launched sponsored updates, a new content marketing strategy for brands who wish to target members. So what could the LinkedIn scorecard look like where is the value and potential? Ten years after the launch of LinkedIn, how has professional social networking evolved?

The 7 Elements of a Great Lead Generation Landing Page

What’s the key to crafting a B2B landing page that grabs attention—and loads of leads? It needs to be well-written, and offer real value to visitors. It needs to be eye-catching, to grab attention in those first critical seconds. But we all know these basics, right? So which specific elements work best to draw prospects … Continued

7 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Mentions

One problem that many companies may face, is the difficulty of getting good PR performance in social media; all brands want to experience a certain degree and volume of good social media mentions such as retweets, repins, Facebook shared, Linkedin share; but not all of them know how to get a lot of social media … Continued

5 Tips to Start Up a New Business

As a business owner and a consultant to business I have had the opportunity to observe, learn and sometimes find out the hard way the challenges of starting up a new business. Every one of these start up businesses have some common threads, or learning’s as I like to call them, and Id like to … Continued

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