7 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Mentions

One problem that many companies may face, is the difficulty of getting good PR performance in social media; all brands want to experience a certain degree and volume of good social media mentions such as retweets, repins, Facebook shared, Linkedin share; but not all of them know how to get a lot of social media mentions for their brand.
However, getting a lot of social media mentions for your brand, can be also easy if we know how. By trial and error, I have come out with these 7 effective ways to increase your social media mentions.

1. Humor Plays a Part

People love to share funny and entertaining jokes, pictures and videos with their family and friends on social media. Companies who know how to integrate humor into their social media strategies, will always be ahead of others who are not humorous.
Sometimes, it is also advisable not to ‘over use’ humor as it might backfire at times. Moreover, also try to avoid sensitive topics related to sex, race, religious and politics.

2. Organize Your Content

Organize your content in a way that speaks strongly about what your brand is all about. Make your content speak around a brand theme and write about topics that are interesting to your consumers. If your business is about organic food then all your pictures, links and videos on social media should be all about organic food or any topics related to healthy eating lifestyle.

3. Be Different

Take the car business for example, there are many distributors selling the same car brand. So, how special is one distributor to another? What is the thing that will make consumers want to buy from your company instead of other car distributors? Why is your brand different from the rest? What is your unique selling proposition? (USP).
Instead of just being a car distributor of the same car brand, you can differentiate your brand by being a niche expert in your industry; for example, a family car specialist. You can also use a different kind of branding and marketing approach to make your brand different as well.

4. Ask Questions

Ask questions in order to lead people to give their comments on your social media pages. In this way, you can make your posts interactive. One example that I did in my own Facebook page, is that I combined two brand related images side by side in one, posted it on my Facebook page and then ask the audience to give their comments on which image do they like.
It does not matter which image does my audience like, your ultimate goal is to encourage your audience on social media, to interact and talk about your brand. And that is it!

5. Picture me perfect!

There is an old saying, “a picture tells a thousand words.” This is so true even in today’s social media age. From my experience, we can see that people on social media responded more towards visual stuffs such as images and videos rather than just words and links. To add on to that, you also make sure your visuals are relevant to your brand.

6. Target the right group of consumers

At the initial stage of every social media PR campaign, make sure to target the right group of consumers. Some campaigns have failed badly because they do not have a good start.
Contests and giveaways are some common types of social media promotion techniques that will likely give your brand the wrong group of consumers or “fair weather fans” who do not really care about your brand at all. (for they only love your prize and giveaways.)
Hence, aim for quality targeting on the right demographic of people that will likely love your brand. And by targeting the right group of consumers, your social media mentions will naturally increase as a result.

7. Time Your Brand with the Season

Time your brand with the latest happening news and events in your country. Timely articles and content will usually get a lot of read than articles that are less timely. This is because they look more updated, and “personal” to your audience. You can also post brand related content that blends well with the seasons and the holidays.
In this way, it will give other people the impression that your brand is always different and keeping up with the trends.

In summary

Increasing the social media mentions for your brand is easy, all you need is to have an unique brand approach; and also posting good quality content, pictures and videos that are both interactive and relevant to your consumers