The 7 Elements of a Great Lead Generation Landing Page

What’s the key to crafting a B2B landing page that grabs attention—and loads of leads? It needs to be well-written, and offer real value to visitors. It needs to be eye-catching, to grab attention in those first critical seconds. But we all know these basics, right?

So which specific elements work best to draw prospects in? In my view there are seven elements that a lead gen landing page needs to have to get the job done. Let’s start with the top three:

1. A concise headline. The headline is the most important element of the seven, Gardner notes. “Your headline is your hook,” he reminds us. Take time polishing it.

2. An image or video. To effectively showcase a product, you’ll need to show “context of use,” Gardner says. Either demonstrate the product in a video, or take a photo of someone using it. To effectively showcase a service, find a way to demonstrate how it will bring value to viewers. To showcase a whitepaper or book, offer a preview.

3. A core benefit statement. These are the sentences that “reel them in,” says Gardner. Make them easy to read and quickly persuasive.

The next four elements:

4. Your request for data;

5. a strong call to action;

6. trust elements (i.e., testimonials); and

7. social sharing devices (best placed on a secondary page, like the link page for your call to action, he notes).

The Po!nt: There’s art in this process. Keep in mind the elements that make a lead gen landing page magnetic when crafting your next outreach.